Example container error

I would like to use the Example 5 Document Preprocessing but if i execute the Container input give me this error “ERROR Component Input 5:0:57 Caught “NullPointerException”: null”
How can i execute this node?
I am using this version KNIME Analytics Platform v4.3.1.v202101261633

Hi @Therag, welcome to the KNIME Community! Am I correctly assuming you are trying to use the Document Preprocessing component?
I took a look at this, you did indeed find a bug, this error is thrown if you try to execute the component without connecting a table with input data to it. Can you confirm this is happening ?


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Hi Gabriel @gab1one,
thank for your relpy.
i’m using EXAMPLE-KNIME Analytics Platform
and when i try to execute “Component Input” node in the console i have this error:
“ERROR Component Input 4:0:57 Caught “NullPointerException”: null”.
if i click on the Component Input i can’t open it, I don’t know where the input table is request to connect…
component unit-KNIME Analytics Platform

Hi @Therag,

This is a component, a workflow packed so that it works like a single node.
To use it, drag it into your workflow, read some documents from disk and connect the component to them:

If you want to know more about components, you take a look at the component guide KNIME Components Guide

This component seems to have some problems with the stop word filter option though, at least I got some null pointer exceptions.


Perfect, i can use that! Thank you so much…


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