Example Extension for Input/Output Nodes


I am interested in creating an extension to support some particular binary file formats.

I have seen this guide here on creating an extension, using this sample code, which looks a good starting point. However, it seems the specifics of this node are for modifying data, and I presume there may be some differences for operating as a data source or sink.

Would it be possible to add a similar example repository, demonstrating a node that opens data e.g. from a particular file format - and perhaps folk would find a node that outputs to file or to the screen, etc., useful as well.


Hi @didierbastogne

Nice that you try to create a new extension! Maybe @gab1one can help out and knows whether we have a repo public about different file readers.

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Hi @stellarpower,

We have two example projects for this:


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Thanks Gabriel!

Could this possibly be added somewhere to the article I linked? I did google for a bit and didn’t find that repo, so think would be good to mention alongside the other example.


I think you may have mispasted one of the links just by the way, as htey are both coming out the same - but I see some stuff around here that is probably a good starting point.

Hi @stellarpower,

Thanks for letting me know, I updated the link.


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