Example Workflow for KNIME webportal and how to connect.

Hi Team,

I am trying to connect Knime workflow to Webportal and we are trying to execute it through the portal but it shows message as file cannot be found and empty table created.
Below is the screenshot of the workflow which we have uploaded on the Knime server.

Could you please help us to understand if we are missing anything or is there any possible way for uploading and executing the workflow into the knime Webportal.
Thank You ,
Sai A.

Hi saiakula15,

could you please confirm that the File Upload/Download Widget nodes are in a component?


Hi @ACseresnyes ,

No, we did not include them in a component. could you please let us know if we have to add them in component.
If Yes, could you please let me know what are the uses and next step to follow.

Thank You,
Sai A.

Please check the following sites for more information on the topic:



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