Example workflow for softcoded output file name and xml manipulation

Here is a sample that demonstrates

  1. How to convert data columns into an xml output
  2. How to softcode file names

I was looking for a sample of this kind but couldn’t find it anywhere.
This should help other newbies like me.

Please replace the file paths appropriately to make this work for you.

Is there a better way than this? Please provide feedback so I can improve my understanding of how this whole thing works.Variable_Output_File_Name_And_XML_Output.knwf (11.4 KB)


Hello @Shai,

tnx for sharing your workflow example. You can add it to KNIME Hub as well. Believe more users will find it there :wink:

Also if you use relative workflow path to write data into workflow directory users will be able to execute workflow without need to change paths. See here for more about relative paths: https://www.knime.com/knime-introductory-course/chapter2/section1/absolute-and-relative-paths-knime-protocol



I just did!
Thanks for the tip.

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