Examples for Knime plugin in Cytoscape

Hi fellow KNIME users,

Could anyone please direct me to an example/tutorial, where the Knime plugin for Cytoscape has been used? I am not sure how to use it because I am a new Cytoscape and Knime user. I would like to see how to go about using it and what analysis I can perform with, and what kind of data can be used.

I would really appreciate your response.Best regards


Hi Rohit,

regarding the usage of the Network Plugin you can have a look at the examples on the plugin page. The Social Network analysis example for example describes general network analysis based on an artificially generated social network. How to generate a network from different data sources is demonstrated in the DrugBank example which integrates information about drugs from various data sources into a single network.

Information about the installation and usage of the Cytoscape plugin can be found in the Network Visualization of the Network Plugin page. There are also several manuals on the web describing Cytoscape such as the official manual.