Examples of CAPs Node to Capitalize First Letter and Lower Case the rest

I am new to KNIME and was wondering if anybody had a workflow to capitalize the first Letter in the Name such as 123 MAIN STREET to 123 Main Street. Any examples would be great since I keep on getting an error. I understand that you can only do 1 column at a time but I am still getting the invalid settings error.

ps. Plus I am looking for ways to clean the data once converting to a CSV file from an Excel file.

Hi @sgilmour and welcome to the KNIME Forum,

In the String Manipulation node you will find the function capitalize(str) .


Please, provide your workflow and error message. Currently it is not clear what is not working. String Manipulation node has a function capitalize().

Thanks for your help. I was able to get it to work after rebooting and trying again.

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