Excecute Excel Macro

Is it possible to open a finished Excel file at the end of a KNIME workflow which contains a macro to be executed automatically. It is not about changing anything in the file, the macro should only be executed. Thank you

Hi there!

Don’t think you can do it. Check this topic:


Okay, thank you very much. Can I execute a batch file via KNIME? Then I could start Excel and the marco. I don’t use an Excel node.

Hi Mark!

For starting a batch file via KNIME External Tool node should do the trick I guess :wink:



I use Python node to open a macro using the library xlwings. It works very well.

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Hello @Mark_Mueller
You can open an Excel file from KNIME by using the ‘CmdWinput’ node:

You will have to use a piece of VisualBasic in your reference excel aiming to: auto execute when opening, save and close. This approach will give you some difficulties to handle the excel; as you will have to block the macro to be executed when opening it from the file explorer.

I hope this helps you. Regards