Excel append not work


I would like to do a simple read and write excel with multiple sheets (basically copy and paste).
Somehow, the workflow did not read data from second sheet. I have attached the workflow here.

Do you have any ideas what I did wrong?



ReadandAppendExcel.knwf (15.3 KB)

It seems to me that the problem is with the Excel Reader node. If you preview the output of this node at the end of the loop, you should be able to tell whether the same sheet is being read over and over again.

In the configuration window for the Excel Reader node, under Sheet Selection, have you selected “Select sheet with name”? The default choice is “Select first sheet with data” and the Excel Reader follow this instruction regardless of whether you’ve chosen a flow variable to control this.



Thanks a lot for your comment. You’re right. I though when we configure to use variable “sheet name” from prior node, it will automatically select appropriate Sheet selection method in Excel Reader.

When I chose “Select sheet with name”, then problem solve.

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