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I have been using excel to clean, format for reports generation and dashboard creation. Now, the data source is kind of fixed, meaning I’ll get the same structure of data every time I pull.

Since, I’m not handy with VBA or Macros, I need help in automation.

So, here is my question. Can I perform some serious of task and record it somehow using KNIME and every time when I get a data, I could just run the recorded workflows or something?

If yes, Please guide me, where can I learn that?

Try to start here


Hey, Thanks for the book.

If I get it right, I can perform excel functions in KNIME to some extent.

But, what I really need to know is, how do I automate it? To avoid the same steps every week/month.

If could be helpful if you provide a specific steps to automate.

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I download raw data, then perform date calculation, then couple of IF function. Then I need to split the raw data in to two and perform again IF on both sheets and Join it back together.

Now I have a structure to use it for report. Can all the operation can be done on KNIME and can it be automated?

Hi there @Braveen,

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This is possible with KNIME. So you need to build workflow with KNIME that you need to start when new data comes (weekly/monthly) which reads data from Excel, manipulates and transforms it and then writes it back to Excel or somewhere else or sends email.

Now will you be able to pull everything off and how long will it take depends on your wishes/requirements. So as @izaychik63 already suggested if you provide specific steps (and requirements) I’m sure you’ll get more help/advises/ideas to evaluate KNIME for your use case…

Regarding learning KNIME see here:



Thanks Ivan, that helped.

If you don’t mind, can you please look in to my another query about split data and add the split data in rows. That would be very helpful. Thank in advance

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