Excel cell updater - multiple cheets


I have a template with four sheets, in three of these I want to put in some data. I’ve created a “database” in the node Table Creator and then joined it with my data.

I have three columns “Sheet”, “Cell update” and “Amount”. I tried the workflow named “Excel Cell Updater - Updating multiple cells in multiple columns in multiple sheets”, but it just updates the last sheet with the correct data. So my other two sheets are empty.

Because I’m trying to write data in 3 different columns in the template aswell. So three columns in three different sheets has to be updated.

How do I get the loop the function? Or do I need to use another loop than the “Group Loop Start”?


Hi @maanr, welcome to the KNIME community,

Could you share a link to this workflow, and/or upload a copy of your demo workflow so we can see what the problem is, and try things out. It’s difficult to give suggestions without being able to see exactly what you are currently doing. thanks.