Excel Concatenate of a Concatenate

I am new at Knime and I’m having trouble replicating a quite easy excel function. - Hope you experts can help me and save my life. :weary:

Basically, I need to concatenate a concatenate. By this I mean:
I have a column with several ‘UPU’ numbers. The first value should remain the same, the “Concatenate” = Row1, and the rest should be a concatenate of the old ‘Concatenate’ value plus the new values on the next rows and so on and forth for all the columns.

Hope with the below image it’s clear what I am saying:

DummyDataGSC.xlsx (116.4 KB)

Attaching the file for your reference.

Can someone please help me? Do you know how can I do this on Knime

Thank you very much in advance for all your help!

Hi @ValeriaCedeno and welcome to the Knime Community.

This can easily be done with the Moving Aggregation node

And the aggregation to use would be Concatenate, and use the semi-colon (";") as delimiter.

This should do:

Here’s some sample that I tested with:
Input data:


You can then rename the column to “Concatenate”


Hello my friend,

Thank you so much for this! This is exactly what I needed. I’ll try and replicate this in my workflow.

Have a good day!

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