Excel Data Manipulation

I am try to manipulate data from excel using Knime by this step:

First I want to get row number by match value in cells → this row number become my first variable.
From that variable row number, I would delete all row start from above my row number data until first row, so my first row will become my variable row.

After that blank cells in column 1 will input automatically by data from above cells value

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Hi @adk740,

welcome to the community.

could you please provide (upload) an example how your input data looks like and also show the corresponding result which you expect. This makes it much easier to come up with a solution.
In case of your data are confidential you could blind them but keeping the data logic itself.



Hi @morpheus,

I attach sample file similar and simplify from my case.
this excel file have 2 sheets, one is data input and one is expected output from Knime.

Please be note location of “Col A” will be different, so need row id number to be dynamic.
SampleKnime.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Hi @adk740

in this case i would use the java snipped node.



@adk740 the Missing value node has the option to fill empty lines with the previous value


Hi @morpheus and @mlauber71

Thanks for your insight regarding filling out empty value with previous cell.
I already try both of this method and result as I expected, thank you very much.

Remaining case is delete row to make my cell become row0

edit: now I know how to move my cell become row0 using row splitter and filter out empty cell
thanks again for your answer.


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