Excel data not in correct columns

Hi @cinthy,

Is the data in Excel formatted as a table, or any of the cells “merged”? Also do you know what specific locale/regional setting is being used by Excel.

Also, which version of KNIME and which OS are you using, and which version of Excel?

One other thing, if you save the open the file in Excel and save it under a new name, does the problem persist with the newly saved file?

Finally, are you able to upload a sample spreadsheet that exhibits the problem (make sure to replace anything that is private/confidential)

Edit: This sounds similar to this issue from a few months ago (October 2023). The poster listed it as “bug” but without supplying further information there was nothing for anybody to investigate, so we don’t know if it is actually a bug, or a corruption of the Excel file, but I suspect it would have been related.