Bug: Excel Reader node shifts columns of a few rows


I have a few Excel tables with headers, but a lot of missing values in some rows.

If the data table inside the Excel file is not “formatted as table”, the sometimes Knime does not know which fields belong to the right headers/columns, and it shifts them from right to left.
So sometimes I have strings inside of columns where the original excel table has only numbers in it.

When you pre-format the excel data “as table”, then the excel reader node reads it correctly.
But I think it should work correctly anyhow :slight_smile: (Excel also knows how to correctly align it’s columns)

Hi @Appear3044 , and welcome to the KNIME community.

Are you able to upload an example workflow and spreadsheet that can demonstrate this occurring. I generally don’t read in Excel files where they’ve been pre-formatted as tables in Excel, and have not encountered this issue, so I’m wondering what else is going on that this is happening for you.

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Internal ticket ID: AP-21960
Fix version(s): 4.6.6, 5.3.0, 4.7.9, 5.2.2, 5.1.4, 4.5.4
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