Excel invalid setting

Excel reader error.pdf (17.7 KB)
I face the attached error when I use Excel reader note. Could you help me?

Thanks in advance!



You can follow the steps in the following link. It should help to solve your error.


KNIME File Handling Core-install error.pdf (114.4 KB)
I faced a further error as the attached.


This error occurs because you have already installed this extension.

Please follow these steps to uninstall and then reinstall it:

Go to Help.
Select About KNIME Analytics Platform.
Click on Installation Details.
Select the extension and uninstall it.
After uninstalling, you can reinstall the extension.

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non activated for uninstall.pdf (61.8 KB)
The uninstall icon is non activated for me.

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You can select the KNIME Analytics Platform and uninstall it. For your reference, I have attached the images.

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Thanks a lot for your support, unfortunately, It seems no possible for uninstalling with the non activated icons as the attachment.
No possible uninstall.pdf (405.9 KB)


It working for me for your reference attached image.

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