Excel nodes

Excel Reader and Writer nodes appear in my Node Repository, but I can't use them.  When moving them to the workflow, I get an error message saying that the nodes can't be found.  Why?

Hey Bob,

I never had the error message you describe with any node. Did you check, if these nodes are perhaps part of an extension you did not install?

Otherwise I would recommend to try to install knime completely new. If that doesn’t help you should describe the error more exact, i. e. do the nodes appear in the workflow or can’t you configure them in the workflow? …


Hi Bob,

we do have a problem in the 3.4.0 release with updates, which has some side effects. Can you check if you have the Social Media Connectors (Twitter and Google) installed?

If yes and you do not need them, I would recommend to deinstall them and restart KNIME.

(You can deinstall nodes by going to Help -> Installation Details -> Select the package to deinstall -> And than use the Uninstall Button on the bottom)

If this does not help, you could either try restarting knime once via command line with a -clean argument. Or unfortunately as a last option reinstall KNIME from scratch.

Best regards, Iris