Excel output generation with loop?

Dear KNIME experts,

I am quite new in KNIME but I hope it will fulfill my needs.

I have multiple text files which I already read into a workspace in KNIME and joined them together. So far so good. Now I would like to create an Excel output which depends on the contents of the cells of the tables. I think there are several steps to be done:

I want to select fields for the output depending on the content in other columns.  Each row represents a medical case with 100 columns of procedures and 50 coumns of diagnoses. In 100 additional columns there is the date of the respective column of the procedure so that I get 250 columns for each case plus some extra columns. In one ofe these extra columns there is stated an operation date. Now I need only those procedure codes where the procedure dates match the operation date. Those prodedures should be written to an output excel file with one case per sheet.$

I assume that I need a loop of some kind as I don't want to create 100 times the same combination of date and procedure. But I don't get the loop to work. I don't find anything like "indirect" (known from Excel) or "evaluate" (known from visual basic). 

Unfortunately there is time pressure on this task as I should finish the results by beginning of next week. Is there anybody out there with experience in this kind of task?





I think it would be very helpful if you upload your exported workflow file here.

Hello agaunt,


thank you for your response. But uploading the workflow is not really n option because there are patient data included which should not leave thelocal network. unfortinately, I am not familiar with cutting information in knime to reduce the amount of data.

At least I could provide a screenshot. I hope that would help, but I am not very confident




hi there

I guess you need to work with Variables..
here a screenshot of a workflow, that changes the name of the outputfile by adding the current date..

hello adaptagis,


thank you for your suggestion. I got a hint that it should work with transposition and will try that solution within the next few days.




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