Excel Reader and AIP protected workbooks


Are there any updates on solving the issue in here?
Reading files with Azure Information Protection - KNIME Extensions / Big Data - KNIME Community Forum

It would be important to be able to read company documents protected with Azure Information Protection (AIP). The Excel Reader is currently unable to open any internal workbooks even when using Microsoft Authentication.

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this is still an open feature request and there is no recent update about the development.

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Ok, thanks for the update @ACseresnyes.

Can I add a +1 to this feature request? Our company is about to move our data to SharePoint and this will likely become an issue for us too in the near future. I suspect as more and more move from on-prem to cloud storage this is going to be a bigger request.

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+2. I’m having this exact same issue at the minute. Thanks, Chloe.

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Hi all, no updates to report on this feature request but I did want to mention I’ve noted your +1s on ticket AP-17303. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi All,

I’d like to add a note on why there are no updates to share on this feature for now: the Java library provided by Microsoft (Overview - Microsoft Information Protection SDK. | Microsoft Learn) is currently still in a preview phase, which is why we are currently waiting for an update on the side of Microsoft.

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