Excel reader does not read URI files

Hi Knimers,

I have a workflow that works perfectly reading URI paths with the Excel Reader (deprecated) node. Now that I did the update I want to replace all the deprecated nodes with the new ones, but when I tried with the Excel Reader y lost the possibility to read the Custom/KNIME URL with the variable:

I was searching for info and I found this:

but as you can see in the following image, I use the deprecated node with Custom URL and the URI variable.

How can I do the same with the new Excel Reader node?

Thanks in advanced for all your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:t2: :rose:

Hello @IvaR

In the latest versions of KNIME the readers work with ‘Path’ format. You can extract the Path from URI with Extract URI Info node

I hope this helps.



Thank you so much @gonhaddock, I put it like that:


2 options: but none seem to work :frowning:

and the error is the same:

what am I doing wrong? :frowning: :pensive:

You are missing to create the Path variable. The path Out from ‘Extract URI Info’ is a string. ‘URI to String’ would operate in a similar way…

Checking the options, this sketch would be two possible approach. Extract URI and URI to String can be interchangeable:




@IvaR my recommendation would be to read the (somewhat lengthy):


yes it is long but then you will know all about paths in KNIME which will help you in the future. Also you can take a look at this workflow that has a lot of waht you can do with Paths and URIs. Rule of thumb: you can convert nearly everything ito everything else with a little effort:

Then paths are the concept with which to locate files in KNIME. Here is how you create them:


Hello @IvaR
Any progress with this challenge?

I’ve deployed the conceptual sketch in to an executable workflow. Besides that, here I deliver a sketch tip -not included in .knwf-, displaying how it would be connected to a file system (i.e. SharePoint, GoogleDrive…)

20230228_file_reader_from_URI_v0.knwf (34.2 KB)



Hi @gonhaddock , that’s awesome!!! perfectly works!!! thank you so much <3
I really appreciate it :rose:

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