Excel Reader fail Multiple inputs are active

Any idea why I get the following error when I execute the Excel Reader node?

CASE Switch Variable (End) (deprecated) 0:0:0:1477 Multiple inputs are active - causing node to fail. You can change this behavior in the node configuration dialog.

I am only reading one file on a specific tab and it is only 13K rows. Worked yesterday. Does not work today. Any ideas?


P.S. Using KNIME 4.5.1 (Just Installed as I thought maybe a newer version would correct this issue. It did not correct the issue).

As a work around, I just use CSV Reader node. But sure would be nice to understand why the Excel Reader node kicks out the error. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

It sounds like you have a switch in your workflow where there is more than one active branch.

Could you provide us with the workflow or a screenshot.

Hello, Screenshot is below. Strange thing is, even with the error mentioned in my original post, I realized the workflow seems to be working correctly. The 2nd node (component) “Categories to Excel Sheets” seems to be taking the correct input and producing the correct output. Thanks for your reply.


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