Excel Reader fail to read file when formula is wrong

Hi all

I have the following formula in the Excel file,
But TnoStartRow and TnoStartColumn are not defined in the Name Manager of Formlua Tab.
So blank cell is shown when opening the Excel file by double click

But when Excel Reader Node opened the Excel file , the following error occurred:
org.apache.poi.ss.formula.FormulaParseException: Specified named range TnoStartRow does not exist in the workbook

The Reevaluate formulas in the Excel Reader node is unchecked , how can I read Excel file by ignoring the formula errors.
BTW: KNIME Version is 3.7.2


There could be several possibilities using R packages like gdata or openxlsx. In addition, there are Python packages (like openpyxl) that might help with that.

Also maybe you could provide us with a sample Excel file that contains the phenomenon.


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Hi mlauber71

Thank you very much for your answer.

I found the problem is caused by old Excel, the file read failure is created before 2011 year.
If I create same file content by using latest Excel , everything is OK even formula is not defined.


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