Excel reader flow variables KNIME 4.6

I am using Knime 4.6.0 and the reader node doesn’t use the variable set as sheet name.
According to the file handling guide

When will this function be available??
Is there an alternative solution?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you share how you’ve configured the node?


Hi @pablobato , the excel reader does support sheet name being chosen by a flow variable. If it isn’t working for you I suspect you haven’t manually set the “sheet selection” radio button in the configuration. If it is not set to “Select sheet with name”, the sheet name you supply will be ignored.

Alternatively, if you wish to also set that radio button using a flow variable (so it doesn’t matter which option was manually configured) you can choose the option by passing a string flow variable with one of the values
which choose “first sheet”, “named sheet” or “sheet at index” respectively:

for example:

If this isn’t the problem you are having, then as @elsamuel says, you will need to share with us your configuration for that node, as it should work.


@pablobato is it possible it might be this problem. You might try and force the use of NAME for sheet name by an additional flow variable until the problem is fixed:


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