Excel Reader keep skipping empty cells

Hi All,

I found difficulties on handling excel reader. Here I have excel with empty cells and I don’t want to skip it (just mark it as missing value). But unfortunately Excel Reader Keep skipping it and replaced with values next to it.

Here’s the data on excel:

But as we can see here, the empty cells on “MD Invoice date” replaced with values on “Dealer code” collumn.

I’m using KNIME 5.1.1

Is there anything I can do to keep the empty cells?


hi @VictorChia
… can try in the “Advance tab”
linux knime5.1.x


Hi @VictorChia , this is a weird one, and shouldn’t be happening. I’m guessing it’s something odd about the file. This behaviour has been seen before though. This was the previous solution:


Hi all.

I don’t know why, but I had the same problem and used Excel to open and save file again. :smile:
Then KNIME worked perfectly.



Hi Marzukim,

I’ve already checkmark it but the result still the same.


Hi @hmfa,

This is interesting, I tried to do the same way, I’m using Ms. Excel to open the file, and I’m using save as.

And I got my data scanned normaly. I think there’s “bug” with the file or else.
This is weird, but it works @takbb

I got my excel scanned normally now,
Thanks for visiting this thread and give me the solution @hmfa

Thankyou All.

Good to hear that one way or another you can now process your file, @VictorChia


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