Excel reader node and filtered data


When I use Excel reader node sometimes I get the data that is incomplete. That happens when the excel file and the data in it is filtered. If I have a spreadsheet with 100 rows total which are filtered by some column and the filtered data contains only 10 rows the Excel reader node imports only this 10 rows.

If for example there is 100 excel files to read and one in filtered some original data will not be read and this is not good for further analysis.

My suggestion is that the Excel reader node imports all the data (bypass the filter) and not only the filtered rows or at least there should be a warning that the data in excel is filtered.


Hello @andrejz
Sometimes is a good idea to explore all the functional options in a node. Or use the Forum search tool, aiming to find other users issues already solved.

However the warning i guess, it may be a good add.




Thank you for the link.
In the node description and in the advanced options is not so clear what “Skip hidden rows” mean (the logic should be the same as hidden columns … which can not be filtered). In the node description there is no mention of filtered rows.
One thing are hidden rows and another are filtered (out) rows.
Maybe the description of the advanced options should be “Skip hidden/filtered out rows” or better add another check box only for filtered (out) rows (and unchecked by default).


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