Excel Reader node - Transform tab - SET all columns to String

Hi friends,

It’s possible to set all columns to string format in one click?

Currently it’s not. Sorry about that!

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Hope you are aware of - String Manipulation (Multi Column) - node > Convert Type > string(x) function


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alternatively you read the data without headers in first row and then use row to column headers node and you got everything as string (if you untick auto type conversion)

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But, I imagine something more simple.
Thanks friend.

@Felipereis50 I once proposed this solution:

Also you could try and force the types later. Using a sample table:

Also you could try and use openpyxl to import the file and force strings

import pandas as pd

# Specify your file path and sheet name
file_path = 'your_file.xlsx'
sheet = 'YourSheetName'  # Replace with your sheet name

# Read the Excel file, specifying the sheet and forcing all columns to strings
df = pd.read_excel(file_path, sheet_name=sheet, dtype=str, engine='openpyxl')

I’m sure I will use your component/metanode.

Thanks my friend. You’re awesome.

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