Excel Reader Problem - automatic identification of column format - Problem with number format with decimal points


when i upload an excel file with numbers and with a column header ‘12/2019’, then Knime recognized that column is a string. In Excel there are only two decimal points visible but the number has more than two decimal points. For instance in Excel is visible 0,51 but the number has five decimal points 0,51456. The problem is: Knime said this column is a string and read only the number with two decimal places like 0,51. And if I use the string to number node after the excel writer then there is also only 0,51 visible and not 0,51456. But I need the exact number for calculation, otherwise I got rounding differences. Is there a possibility in the excel reader with that I can define the format of a column by my own?

Hi there @Frank2323,

did you use options Table contains column names in row number so ‘12/2019’ would be column name? I just tried your example and Excel Reader (XLS) node recognized data as Double. If this doesn’t help you can share Excel file or workflow example where this can be observed and someone will take a look at it :wink:


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