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Hello team,

I noticed some weird behavior whenever I used new Excel Reader node, the first problem is the same of this solved post :

For me is ok to applying that workaround.

The second is about reload excel data, I have a spreadsheet with 6 columns if I include or exclude a column in Excel afterwards read it by KNIME and try to reload it by reseting Excel reader node and re-execute I got a error. It will sove just if I open the Node configuration window and press ok or apply.

error mensage: ERROR Excel Reader 4:2 Execute failed: The following row could not be converted to the specified KNIME types: [1 (INT), Rafael Silva (STRING), Cidade do México (STRING), Distrito Federal (STRING), México (STRING), Sul (STRING)]

Is this node’s behavior expected or is it a issue? Attached one workflow sample

KNIME_Excel Reader Test.knwf (34.8 KB)



Olá Pessoal,

Notei um comportamento estranho no novo Node Excel Reader, o primeiro é o mesmo do post abaixo:

Para este problema, estou confortável em fazer este tratamento.

O segundo e referente a re-carregamento de dados do excel,eu tenho uma planilha com 6 colunas se eu incluo ou excluo uma coluna depois de ler este arquivo excel pelo KNIME, depois tentar carregar novamente a planilha atualizada resetando o Node e re-executando o KNIME me apresenta erro. Este erro só resolvido se eu abrir a janela de configuração e apertar OK ou aplly.

Este tipo de comportamento já era esperado ou temos um problema? anexo um exemplo de workflow


Hi @rafaelfre,

this is expected. The node assumes that the file still has the same columns and does not know that it has been changed. Re-opening the dialog fixes the issue or using this workaround.



HI Simon, tks for the repply…

Is there a way to enhance this Node? Once it can impact in several automatons.
Imagine that excel files depends on the source can variate a lot (it is not like a table from a data base), some times its columns variate, but not in “key columns” for the some built workflows, so the workflow can execute with some columns changes without problem. Therefore If whenever the excel has a change the KNIME got an error it will bring a workload for the user, because every time he’ll need to open it or apply the workaround above.
I guess it can increase the processing time, but it’s better to avoid errors.

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Thanks for this feedback, @rafaelfre. I agree that in such use case this additional workload is annoying. We’ll look into that and try to come up with a solution.



tky so much, together we can do KNIME even better :slight_smile:


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