Excel Reader via Sharepoint Connector Broken following 5.1.0 Update

  1. This workflow used to work
  2. I updated to 5.1.0 this morning
  3. This workflow no longer works

I can authenticate, in the first node, and successfully run the second node, but the third node says the file isn’t there. It is

If I select another file in the folder, it will load that. When I switch back to the correct file, it does correctly load. I can see the output via F6. But then within seconds, the node goes back to pretending the file doesn’t exist (despite me being able to select it in the browse dialogue). Here is the file both loaded and then five seconds later, not existing:

If I just connect via normal Excel Reader to a local version of the file, it works fine. So it is the Sharepoint Connector aspect that is broken

Further to this, it is the Sharepoint Connector, not the Excel Reader that is the problem, as I now have this issue with a Table Reader node.

I’ve also been seeing strange error messages when browsing in these Reader nodes, along the lines of:

WARN NioFile Could not list files in ‘/Documents/Projects/Dashboard Copies’: Error code: itemNotFound
Error message: The resource could not be found.

GET https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/drives/[edited]/root:/Projects%2FDashboard%2520Copies:/children
SdkVersion : graph-java/v5.49.0

404 : Not Found

I think this must be related to the other Sharepoint error post that’s popped up today erro knime extensión sharepoint

Please help! What’s happening?

Further to this, the behaviour has changed again, in that now it is finding the folder correctly but writing out the file wrong, inserting “%20” instead of spaces:


Hey @Richard_TG

see Sharepoint Connector "Graph Service Exception - item not found" since installing version 5.1.0 - #3 by laaaarsi and my reply to you in here The files cannot be identified 5.1V - #6 by Richard_TG

Best regards

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