Excel reader (XLS) problem July 2020

Hi all,

I’m trying to read excel files from a file path. However, it only worked with the deprecated Excel Reader (XLS) and does not work with the new one. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?
The snapshot of the workflow is shown below:

Hi @lp1992,

Welcome to KNIME community, happy to see new comers.

On your question, if i understood correct, you are trying to read multiple files in a folder. I believe the structure is same for all the files.

In that case you don’t need to loop through, you can directly read all the files with excel reader node (screen shot below for your quick reference).

Hope it helps you.

Also you can provide the error message of your current workflow to help you better.



Hi Pavan,

Thanks so much for your reply!!! It works!!
I’m new to KNIME and liking it so far.

Thanks again!


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