Excel Reader (XLS)


The new “Excel Reader” node is great. I love the option for reading multiple excel files.
For me it will be ideal if there will be two more options.
The first is to “Allow changing table specifications” as it is in the “Loop End” node. Now I have the same tables (same number and columns names, from the same source) but the node in some way detects that one table has different structure than previously read file.
The second is to make possible that during the execution of the node it makes an additional column which is filled with the excel filename from which the data is, so I will know the source of the data in the final output table after the execution of the node.

Please consider to implement this two options.

Thank you


Hi @andrejz,
I think that those are good suggestions and will let our development team know about them! Thank you for taking the time for giving us feedback!
Kind regards


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