Excel Sheet Appender Node - Overwriting files, not appending

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone is seeing the same behaviour in this node as I am. I have been using several workflows that rely on the Excel Sheet Appender node to overwrite a single sheet in a multi-sheet Excel workbook.

This has worked reliably for a year, yet as of last week the same node, in the same workflows, now completely overwrites the entire file instead of overwriting a single sheet in the file no matter how I try to configure the node.

Even creating a fresh new workflow and using a new Excel Sheet Appender node produces the same result - the node overwrites the whole file instead of a single sheet.

I’m trying to work out if this is just happening to me, or if others experience it too.

Hi @Skypoint,

Which version of KNIME are you using? I just tried this myself in KNIME Analytics Platform 3.6.1, and I can’t confirm what you describe. For me, the Excel Sheet Appender indeed only overwrites the sheet specified in the node dialog. All other sheets are left unchanged.


Hi Roland. Thanks for replying. I am using 3.6.0. I will try upgrading and seeing if that fixes my issue.

Hi @Skypoint!

It overwrites every sheet you have inside or you end up with Excel file with only one sheet with data from Knime?

Maybe this is a stupid comment but Excel Sheet Appender Node creates new Excel if one doesn’t exist so it will have only one sheet and it may look like everything is overwritten…

As well what kind of Console messages do you get?


Hi All,

Updating to version 3.6.1 worked. Not sure what my problem was but the upgrade process made it go away.

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I am also getting this bug, and I am on 3.6.2. Is there some other contingent software I should check?

I have the same problem. Am on version 3.6.1.
The Excel Sheet Appender worked fine a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I got it to work correctly one time, then it stopped working again.
I am careful to ensure the node that writes the Excel file with the first tab is completed before any Appender nodes try to run. After that, the three Appender nodes that are supposed to add sheets all appear to either be creating a new file, or are deleting the other sheets.
I’ve tried executing them one at a time, and selected as a batch. Doesn’t seem to matter.

Incompatibility of Knime Appender with OneDrive Sync !!

I discovered the Appender works as intended simply by saving/appending my Excel file to a folder in my Hard Drive that is NOT synced to OneDrive.

I only changed the output destination. All other settings are the same.

With the output destination set to a synced location, I tried waiting for the file to complete syncing before starting the next Append, but that didn’t work.
I also tried completely exiting Knime and then restarting Knime between Appends to see if this would allow the file to appear as available to append. That didn’t work either.

I wonder if something changed recently with OneDrive Sync. Maybe OneDrive is modifying metadata on the file that interferes with the Append node. ??

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I have also discovered that it is an issue with OneDrive.

This makes absolute sense - my company uses OneDrive, so this was most likely the issue. It actually went away on its own for me but if it reoccurs I will move the files involved to a non-synced folder. Thank you for identifying this!

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