Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) output doesn't show columns

Hi Ivan,
My Last topic on this was closed and I had a follow up question:

That is weird since it shows it as header names in Excel Reader and not in the output for Excel Sheet Appender (XLS).

Should I be using a different node to see the column header names for my final output file.
I am still learning so I want to know if there is other options if not we can close and delete this post.

This is not a KNIME issue it is a nature of Excel. If you do not want to see Excel A,B, C …
un-check Headings View in Excel. See below

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Ok. Now I will try to re-explain.

Your screenshot is the Excel Reader Preview and in Excel Reader Node you can find an option:

to read one row and use it as column header.

So, in the original excel file the only header is in the first row.

After your execution, Excel Writer Node use the same logic to write data and it writes column header in the row n.1, if you want.

Hi pigreco,
I know I can do that in Excel Reader so from what Ivan said I can’t do that with the Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) output file . Plus I was also wondering about the Columns header for the CSV Writer Node as well. What is it capabilities as far as Column headers.

Excuse but I didn’t understand your goal.
Can you give me an example of your desired output?

Hi there @sgilmour,

sry but seems to me you are not really explaining yourself very well. I thought your question has nothing to do with KNIME (still not sure it has) so I closed topic.

If I got you right you are comparing how KNIME represents/stores data (headers) vs how Excel does it. In KNIME you can specify header names while in Excel you can’t and they are just in cell as any other data.


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Thank you,
You are right I am all set with this topic. This topic can be closed. I am just over thinking.

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Hi @sgilmour,

won’t close it. If any reply satisfies your answer/problem mark it as solution (hidden behind 3 dots…) and topic will get closed 7 days after last reply. In the meantime maybe you’ll have need for additional clarification :wink:


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