Excel sheet names node not working,

Read excel sheet names node has suddenly stopped working for me. i am trying to read xlsm file sheet names and it keeps giving me the following error. the strange thing is that this workflow has been deployed for 4 months with nothing being changed in it and now all of a sudden, the ERROR is showing. I have 100s of these files so i cannot change their extensions individually. Would really appreciate a solution to this problem.

ERROR Read Excel Sheet Names 7:547 Execute failed: The supplied data appears to be in the OLE2 Format. You are calling the part of POI that deals with OOXML (Office Open XML) Documents. You need to call a different part of POI to process this data (eg HSSF instead of XSSF)

There is also an issue where the Excel sheet reader node is reading one .xlsm file but when i select the option of Files in a folder and the only filter out the .xlsm files it gives the above error. this folder is hosted on a SharePoint online site and i am using the SharePoint online connector. This folder has people putting in their completed xlsm files and the Knime workflow extracts and rearranges the data and gives an output.

This is the error that i am getting after executing the node. Keep in mind that just two weeks ago it was workking fine.

Hi @zainabzeeshan

Could it be that those files are password protected / privacy restriced? Because this is causing the error on my end.

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