Excel sheets missing content

Good morning KNIME experts,


I tried to get a solution for a strange problem. I describe the steps I go through in KNIME:

1. filter rows to get just those cases from the relevant clinic

2. create flow variable "clinic" to name an excel sheet correspondingliy later

3. start loop for each row of the table

4. cut the case number from the table and transpose this row to be able to use this information as column name

5. feed the current cas number as flow variable into Excel sheet creator to write a sheet with the name of the case number

6. loop back to work through the next case


there are 2 problems:

a. the sheet does sho the row names but not the row data

b. I had to say the loop to ignore any structural changes of the table to get to work at all


 The bigger problem is the missing data content on the table. why is this and how do i change that?



Hi Stefan,

about the missing value problem. You can use the Missing Value node to treat your missing values, e.g. you could delete all rows including a missing value. But what I would do first is to go through the workflow and check which node creates the missing data and why.

About question b: I suppose the checkbox your are talking about is "Allow changing table specifications" in the loop end node, correct? If yes, I suppose that you have different column names or a different number of columns in each iteration. In this case you have to activate this checkbox to make the loop running.

About question a: Could you share a screenshot of the configuration window of the Excel Appender node and maybe part of the table you want to write? 




Hello Kathrin,


I do not mean, that there are missing values, but that alle the values that were present before the generation of the Excel Sheet are now (afterwards) missing. 

The loop is running now after I checked the boxes for having different table structures from the beginning of the loop.

I attach a new Screenshot for the new structure of the workflow and a screenshot of the configuration of the Excel Sheet node.

I hope to get to a constructive end...