Excel to Word Cloud

I am trying to take an excel sheet and turn it into a word cloud. I think the issue is with tagging, it only brings up one word each time I execute all of my nodes.

Could you provide more detail about your Excel sheet? Preferably share it if possible and explain what you want to so.


It’s an excel sheet of medical diagnoses, and I am trying to get the frequency of the most common diagnoses into a word cloud.

I have the excel reader, strings to document, and the issue comes when I try to tag things. It only is tagging one diagnosis.

What tagger are you using? It may not recognize your terms.

I have tried multiple taggers, I think the issue was with the Strings to Documents. Which one of my fellow students also experienced. Thank you.

Why do you believe its the Strings to Documents node? Its a pretty mindless conversion. If you have a lot of specialized language you may have to develop a custom tagger.

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