Excel VLookup function

Hi all,

I need to do Vlookup excel formula in knime, it look like this:

= VLOOKUP(name , name file , 1,FALSE)

The reason behind this formula is to find mach data in different tables and combine them in to one column or table. For example I need to find names: Laura, Tom, Mike from table 1 in table 2 and if I find the mach collect them in another table or column. ( The names is used only ones in tables)

Maybe some one knows who to do it and can help me?

Thanks !!!

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Hi there @laura1995,

there is free book from KNIME press called From Excel to KNIME that should help you in your transition so take a look :wink:



Thank you !! :smile:


If you can’t make feel free to come back here and we’ll help you :wink:


You might take a look at the Cell Replacer node and Joiner node.

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