Excel Writer automatic name

Hi, in the old version of Knime I created a loop with an automatic filename. I used it for that


Where „String Manipulation” was
join(“C:\ Desktop\_2020.10.16\”,$${XXX}$$)
Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce it in the new Knime. Can anyone help me?

@Wioleta welcome to the KNIME forum. The old workflow would still work.

The new nodes writing data like Excel use the concept of path variables like this:

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@mlauber71 thank you very much for your welcome. I know it’s old version workflow still work.

I tried your solution with path variables and I have a question

Should I enter the path to save the file in the folder field.

After entering it and connecting to excel writer, this message pops up


Tell me what I’m doing wrong

I found my mistake, everything works thank you very much


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