Excel Writer Error - Unsupported column type 'DataCell'

I came across this error when trying to write data from Table Difference Finder into excel. The input tables are BigQuery table and an Excel File.

As you can see from the photo, there are no column issues.

How do I fix this?

Hello @mayhxm,

check Spec tab and see which column is DataCell type.


Can you export the table with the Table Writer node and share it here so I can have a look myself?
Kind regards,

Value Compared Table and Value Reference Table are the DataCells.

I can’t seem to attach .table file. How can I add this?

Hey @mayhxm,

you are right this is causing issues. Back then when the node was implemented there was a decision against to convert everything to a String in those to columns and the decision was made in favor of having these columns of type DataCell because potentially different DataTypes could compared against each other. There could be a discussion about having this columns converted to String or not for sure.

For the time being what you could do is to use the Column Expression Node and convert those columns via string(column("Value Compared Table")) to a String column.

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