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I am having an intermittent problem recently where certain Excel writer nodes write a corrupted file. I don’t get a .xlsx, I just get “File” as the file type and am unable to do anything with it, despite the workflow appearing to run normally. I have even deleted the node and used a new one but to no avail. There is an error message in the console “ERROR Excel Writer 0:222 Could not get sheet names!” but I am not actually sure what that means.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but I had not noticed this problem until we upgraded to KNIME 4.5.0. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks!

Hey JWebb,

do you create a new file or do you want to append stuff to an existing excel file? Would it be possible to share a minimal workflow to reproduce the issue on our side?

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I’m afraid not; the whole file is loaded with sensitive data! I am starting to narrow it down though. I created a new node further up the flow with the file name “test” and ran that off to my desktop. That worked. I moved the node up each stage to check it still worked. It did.

Then I changed it to output to the file I originally wanted…it worked! Then I changed it to the file NAME I originally wanted…it failed.

I had a thought as I was writing this and tried it and…I appear to have solved m own problem! I never had to do it before, but now I apparently have to type “.xlsx” into the file name in the node to get it to work!

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Iam not quite sure if I understood correctly what you were trying to achieve but good that it works by now.
What you could do is to have a look into the KNIME log (View → Open KNIME Log → scroll down to see the error you were facing in more detail.

A example workflow without confidential data would help a lot to figure out what is going on

I was only trying to write a .xlsx file, but it seems I now need to make sure it says “.xlsx” in the file path or something goes wrong. I have not come across that before, so I was not used to it.

Hi @JWebb , as far as I remember, you always had to specify the full name of the file, including the extension. I’m not sure that this is something new.


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