Excel Writer Java Heap Space after udate 4.7.4

I made the 4.7.4 update and Windows Update yesterday, and I’ve been having troubles appendig sheets by Excel Writers since then. KNIME crushes or the node fails with Java Heap Space Error, it doesn’t matter where I try to write it. In fact, I’m not the only one in my team with the same problem. Any clue?

@lsandinop what I can offer is this collection about KNIME and performance. You might check if there is anything that might have changed. Especially the basic memory setting. Then you could try the columnar storage and insert a cache node before the export.

Then you could see if you could provide us with a log file in debug mode about what is happening.


Nothing has changed in the Excel integration since 4.7.0. Therefore there must be a different reason. Did you check whether the memory setting in the knime.ini is still the same?

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