Excel Writer KNIME 4.5.2

In v. 4.5.2 Excel Writer generates an error if added tab is a source for pivot table and tab name specified is the same and set to be overwritten. At the same time, if the tab name is the same but specified by variable, no error generated. I believe if overwrite option for tab is specified, it’ not suppose to check if this tab is involved in Excel calculations.
To be clear,

  1. Excel file was created by KNIME with source tab (say Data).
  2. It was converted to Excel table object (Table1).
  3. Pivot table was created based on Table1.
  4. Next time tab Data needs to be overwritten by KNIME
  5. New table object Table1 created
  6. On pivot-table source, broken source fixed as Table1

New release failed on step 4 if its name directly specified and generate error Illegal table name: ‘Table1’.
I can avoid error specifying tab name as Data1, in Excel delete existing tab Data, rename tab Data1 to Data so on. If the same will happen in case the tab name is dynamic (happily, so far it is not) it will be a problem.
My point that both cases have to work the same way as it was before.


I am facing a similar problem - in place of Ovewrite sheet option - my workaround is to use append sheet.

Thank you @hmt80 for your advice. Regardless of mode overwrite or append, you need to change tab name. Anyway, the bug needs to be fixed.

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hi @izaychik63 . You are right the bug needs fixing. Since too many of my files were affected , i reverted back to version 4.5.1 :grinning:

Hey @izaychik63, @hmt80,

thanks for reporting your issue! Iam not quite sure if I totally understood how to reproduce. You are saying you are having an excel file with some data and the Sheet (this what I think you are referring to with “Tab”) is called “Data”.

Afterwards you are going to “Insert” tab in excel and create a table from that data by clicking “Table”. Table name is now “Tabelle1” (german version of Excel) and after that you create a Pivot Table based on “Tabelle1” like so

And after that you are trying to use the excel writer in “Append” mode, Sheet name “Data” and Sheet Overwrite option (append or overwrite) and this causes your issue?

I currently cannot reproduce the issue but there is chance that I made a mistake along the way. Please let me know if this is correct. The optimal case would be to prepare a small workflow which contains a sample excel file in the data area of the workflow and the excel writer which tries to write and fails.

Best regards

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Please see attached
Excel Writer 4.5.2 Bug.knwf (9.1 KB)
Excel Writer 4.5.2 Bug.xlsx (10.8 KB)
I checked on other PC it works without error.
The error is on Windows Server.

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I found the issue. Excel pivot has a model. Please see new attachment.
Excel Writer 4.5.2 Bug.xlsx (87.9 KB)

hi @izaychik63 and @laaaarsi . i just checked the same workflows on version 4.5.1 and then again on 4.5.2 . The workflow does not give an error on 4.5.1. but fails on 4.5.2

i see that @izaychik63 has already loaded a simulation. Would be interesting to know what we find

Thanks for supplying us with workflow and files! We could reproduce it on our end and we will create a ticket for that and fix the issue!

Thank you very much for your efforts.


We create a ticket with the internal number AP-18801.


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