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I would just like to ask if there’s a way to filter the data using a variable from a table read from Excel, loop through it, and through every iteration, write it to an Excel file?

So for example, I have this data, and I have 5 instances in the variable table, and after the loop, I would have 6 files: the whole data, and 5 filtered data using the variable table.

Hope this makes sense lol


Maybe something like this would work? I haven’t actually tested it, but hopefully this gives you something to start from. Let me know if you are still having difficulty - or if I misinterpreted your question - and I can try to refine it.


Another workflow that might be of use to you is available on the Workflow Hub here: https://workflows.knime.com/knime/hub/workflows/06_Control_Structures%3A04_Loops%3A05_Write_each_row_in_one_file

(You can find it on the EXAMPLES server too)


Thank you! I tried this, and it worked :grin:

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