Excel Writer Node I/O with Table that has a List or Set


I am fairly new to knime, and I have created a List by Grouping (Groupby) node. When I go to "print" or write this table to excel the column with the list or set (I tried to also make a set) does not appear in the excel file. How can you write this list (or set) into a excel file?

I am using knime Groupby because I have over 1MM rows and need to group thousands of URLs in one column under a domain in another column along with a few other pieces of data that I am aggregating.

thanks I hope this is just something simple I am missing.

I am not sure if this is the best or only solution, i.e. a workaround, but you could try to change the column format to string (e.g. using header rename and change the type to plain String) then you should be able to export it.

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