Hello everyone,
I’m trying to export a large amount of data into several excel files (one for each customer) trough a loop. therefore, I created a file path where only the customer’s name changes. However, within the excel writer node I am not able to select the variable I created in the “file” field. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @Antonio965 welcome to the forum. To me it looks like the flow is OK. Could you post it with dummy data to check it in detail?

Hi @Antonio965 and welcome to the forum.

(Moving this thread to the Analytics Platform topic since it seems like more of a general AP issue.)

I think what you need here is a String to Path (Variable) node just before the Excel Writer. The new file handling in v4.3 has a new type of flow variable, called a path variable, that is needed here. Read more in this blog post (in the “Utility Nodes” section):

Hope that helps.


Hello @ScottF thank you very much for your tip. I tried and it works now.


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