Excel writer node

My excel writer node outputs all my files in this format-less file type

here is the nodeconfiguration

Please help!

What is an XSLX file?

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@elsamuel I dont know thats the thing, I dont know why the output is in this odd format

It only does what you tell it.

What did you tell it to do?

You have a variable controlling the path parameter. What is it? Where is it coming from? How was it created?

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It appears to be an error in a flow variable that creates the file name. The .xlsx file extension is in the file name twice on both of your images. It needs to appear as something like “filename.xlsx” which is going to be recognized as an excel file extension, and not “filename.xlsx.othername.xlsx” which will not be recognized.

My guess is that there is a formula flaw which had “.xlsx” in the place of the last “/“ for the final folder in the file address.


Hi @lamasewidan , to both @elsamuel 's and @iCFO 's points, we basically need to see what value you are passing in the flow variable, and you would need to explain how this value is built/created, or where does it come from.

To quote @elsamuel “It only does what you tell it”. We just need to understand what you are telling it, how it came to that, and also as important, you need to explain what’s your expected results.

Is it just the extension of the file that’s an issue? How many files were you expecting?

Hi @lamasewidan

The file that is being output is not “formatless”. It is just Windows doesn’t know what a file with the extension .xslx is. When @elsamuel asked “what’s an xslx file?” He hit the mail on the head.

As has been mentioned you are using a flow variable to generate the file name.

Basically, you have a typo somewhere and you are naming the file in the flow variable as .XSLX instead of . XLSX.

ie you have the L and S round the wrong way

Unsurprisingly, Windows doesn’t have a clue what a .XSLX file is and so doesn’t show your expected Excel icon… in Windows explorer if you were to rename the file as .XLSX you’d find the format of the file is perfectly correct and windows will display the correct icon. So you just need to fix the part of your workflow that generates the flow variable for the file name.


@takbb @iCFO @bruno29a @elsamuel Yes that makes sense and I fixed it. thank you!

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