Excel Writer parallel sheet appending fails - File locked issue?

I have a big query that return a result that is fed into several pivots, then Excel Writer nodes which append a workbook with new uniquely named sheets.
When i run the flow, if i set all the sheets to overwrite existing sheet with same name, it shows as running correctly, but only the first sheet is included in the workbook.
If i set it to fail, about half the sheets work, and the rest fail saying already exists.
If i run one Excel Writer at a time it works fine.

Hi @SLL1966, If I understand correctly, you have multiple Excel Writers (one per sheet). Is that correct? It does sound like they are conflicting, so I would assume from what you say that the Excel Writers are currently like this:

… with each Excel Writer writing to the same file, but different sheets.

In order to avoid “collisions” with file-locking, you need to change it to either this:

which will force the Excel Writers to wait for the previous completion, or alternatively use a single Excel Writer like this:


Does that resolve the problem?

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