Excel writer PNG missing cell execute failed

I usually put images on excel using the image to table node, some of my rows have no images, therefore there is a empty cell. When I’m trying to write the excel it gives me this error:
Execute failed: org.knime.core.data.MissingCell cannot be cast to org.knime.core.data.image.png.PNGImageValue

I guess is because the empty cell in the PNG image column, there is no ? sign. I found a work around by introducing a generated random image, but I will appreciate if you have a better solution to that.



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Hello Elisabet_T,
thanks a lot for reporting the problem. This will be fixed with the next bug fix release (4.3.2) which will be published very soon :slight_smile:


Hello @Elisabet_T,

if haven’t seen 4.3.2. is released and Excel Writer works as expected with empty cells in PNG column.


I updated Knime to 4.3.2, now the Excel Writer doesn’t report an error, but the rows containing a missing value for a PNG column are not saved in the excel file, even using the “replace missing values by” box configuration in the excel writer node.


What do you mean by not saved to the excel file? Would it be possible to share a workflow with us reproducing this problem?

Yes the missing values replacement currently does not apply for images somehow that whistled through our fingers - sorry again :frowning: .


I just realize that it works, but actually the Excel hides these rows and I couldn’t see them. Sorry and thank you!

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That takes a load off my mind :smiley: . We’ll try to fix the missing value replacement with the next bugfix release.

Sorry again,

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