Excel writer to Sharepoint

Hi! I made a workflow to automate file upload and transformation. For context the workflow goes like list files → excel reader → transformations → excel writer.

Now, I want to automatically upload the excel file to Sharepoint using KNIME where I used the workflow as seen in the picture so that whenever I modify the transformations in KNIME it will reflect in Sharepoint.

However, it is not uploading anything to the sharepoint altho the link and working directory is accurate. Anyone knows how I can solve this?


@wuhnderess the ‘wiring’ is all wrong. The connector itself will not wrote anything. You can add a File System Connection to the excel writer (click on the three little dots):


Then you can try again connecting the port to your Sharepoint nodes:


Next option could be to transfer the files:


More on how KNIME handles paths and files:



Hi thank you! But could you please show me the full flow before the excel writer?

@mlauber71 could you please show to full workflow that you are showing? Im still confused where to connect the nodes thanks

@wuhnderess the nodes would be arranged like this

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