Excel Writer Unhides Hidden Tab

In v 4.5 following steps unhide a hidden tab

  1. Read a tab/page from Excel file.
  2. Write a tab back with different name.
  3. Read same tab as in 1.
  4. Write tab with the same name as in 2.
    Result Excel has 2 tabs from steps 1 and 2, and one hidden tab did not been visible after step 2 but visible after step 4.
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Hi @izaychik63,

thanks for the report! Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce (Mac and/or Windows) and maybe we need some clarification: Where do you observe the hidden tab? When you open the Excel file with Excel or with KNIME?

This is the setup I’ve used:

No hidden Tab shows up for me, neither in KNIME nor in Excel… Maybe you can share your Excel configuration as well?


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Thank you, @LukasS.
The hidden tabs are observed in Excel (actually file has 3 hidden tabs). Knime does not show them.
Knime open the file with upended sheet.
Hidden tab appears only after second upend / overwrite.

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thank you @izaychik63 for brining this up!

I was able to reproduce the issue and created a bug ticket for the issue.
Internal reference: AP-18198


Ah, when there is a hidden tab (“hidden tab”) in the Excel file like so
and I append a new sheet (“KNIME tab”) with KNIME (excel file saved with the “KNIME tab” active), the hidden tab will be unhidden after appending/overwriting with KNIME:
Is that what you mean?

Note that this was particularly difficult to reproduce because it only happens when the tab that is overwritten by KNIME is saved selected in Excel - so it already might be a workaround for you to save the Excel file such that the tab-to-be-overwritten is not selected when saving.

I looks like KNIME is unhiding the tab for some reason - which is a Bug I just filed with the internal reference AP-18199.

Again, thanks for reporting!
Kind regards,

Edit: ah, too slow :slight_smile: will merge the tickets


Thank you @Kathrin and @LukasS. Just make sure you did not post same issue twice
Internal reference: AP-18198, AP-18199.

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