Excel Writer (XLS) Off Set Data


I am wanting to offset the position my data is written into an Excel sheet. So instead of writing at A1, write at, for example, E7.

Within the Excel Writer (XLS) node in the Flow Variables tab there is xCellOffset and yCellOffset. I've tried using these but they do not alter the export. The dropdown remain greyed out and the static entry does not do anything.

Is this a bug? Or is there something I am missing?
If this is not possible within this node is there an alternative method?

It would be great to have this functionality so I can by-pass the step where the Excel file data connection has to be set up and reset each time (currently data is written to csv and then imported to Excel file).


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Hi Laura,

you are right, it seems the two parameters are not used within the node. I will check with our developers, maybe they are used for something internally.

I also made you a workflow which generates you the x and y offset before writing into the table. 

I  hope this workaround was what you are looking for.

Best, Iris 

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Hi Iris,

Apologies for the delay.
Thank you for checking with the developers and thank you for the workaround, that will work.

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Hi Iris,
Any updates on enabling the x/y offset parameters?


Hi there @jgillmer,

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No updates for now. I have given it +1 for you. (Internal reference: AP-7238)


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